If you suddenly realize that your heating and cooling costs are beginning to be unusually high, that could mean that you need air duct repair. The main thing that generally causes this is a hole in the air duct that allows for a loss of energy.
To save yourself some money, check to see if there is easy access to ducts. If there is, then you can fix this problem yourself without calling in a professional to do the work.

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Duct Repair, Maintenance & Modification

After installation, it’s important to maintain your ductwork. Any needed repairs should be made immediately by a professional technician to prevent any further damage to the ductwork, insulation, surrounding construction, or even other components of the home comfort system.

Even if your ductwork is in tip-top shape, if you make any renovations to your home, such as building an addition or finishing a basement, the ductwork may need to be modified. This is a tricky process, as ducts are usually carefully installed and not designed to be moved easily, so it must be done by a trained professional. Just like all other sheet metal work, modification requires skill, precision, and expert care to avoid future issues.

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