Gas Line

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, do not stay in the area — vacate the house as soon as possible before calling for repairs. Attempting to repair a gas line on your own could be dangerous, and a gas leak is no small matter. Protect your and your family’s health by calling an expert for any repairs you may need. The professionals on our team are skilled at locating issues and making repairs as quickly as we can without compromising your safety.

We offer expert gas line installation, inspection, and repair. So if you are worried that there’s a problem with the gas appliances in your home, let our technicians help! Broken gas lines can pose health risks for you and your family if not handled properly. Our experts are highly trained and experienced in fixing natural and propane gas piping problems promptly and accurately. Contact the professional at The Honest Heating Company for all your gas piping needs.

Signs You May Have a Gas Leak:

  • The smell of gas in your home
  • Higher than normal gas bills
  • Hissing or whistling sounds
  • Dust clouds near the gas line
  • Bubbles in your water
  • Damaged gas pipe

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